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Les voyages Olfactifs 04 Paris

Were you swaddled as a child? He says, incongruously, as if the baby jesus had any place in the International Zone. I mean, do you have any memory of being wrapped so tight you cant move? I shake my head. His voice is raising and a few eyes turn in your direction, narrow in recognition of the narrative and then return to their very dirty martinis. After all this corner of what was once morocco is the place for which the maxim live and let live was invented. He shakes his head in turn. I didnt think i remembered either, not until I was on that stretcher. For reasons never explained the quiet invisible people of Yucatan, living in the shadow of the rainforest and the ruins of their ancestors, took pity on him.

guerlain store london

And all that blue below, oh that. Goliath were more nimble now, he tried a few swoops at the antikalk water, but his ship wasnt for it, she was made for the steady path and so he contented himself with the patterns of the tide on the surface and the occasional shoal. It was after the second morning that land came into sight. Soaring out of the sea: cliffs, palms, wetlands, waterfalls, and a few miles inland a second ridge, of trees this time: the rainforest. The jungle canopy two hundred feet tall. A lush and levitating carpet of green leaf. When the engine spluttered, spat and choked to soundlessness, for a moment he imagined he could set the great bird down upon the treetops as though they were an elevated lawn, solid and safely close to the sky.

Then the first branch tore through a wing, an indifferent implacable trunk snapped the propeller, another bough punctured the fuselage, he thought with calm horror his body would be next to be broken. And so it was they told him afterwards, a sinew of vines opened up Goliath on her descent and then the small workings of the massive plants did their work on his tissue ripping at his exposed flank, a thousand tiny fissures caused by twigs. The first miracle was that he escaped being most impaled, decapitated or too mutilated. The second that the low drone of the plane drew a group of tribesmen just close enough to track its final fall. The third that they were not too fearful or rightly cautious to walk or run away from this unheralded, inexplicable visitor to their world.

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The wound itself appears entirely healed, the procedure a small act of habit perhaps, or maybe the strange, dirtily medicated smell is a sign it is intended products to hold infection at bay in this hot, contagious place. So, he recalls with a start, one day with a compass, map and heap of hard-earned courage he swung out of the constrained concentric, took the plane up and on an arc south west, first across lichaam vast Texas, then the sea. Their calls from the ground were gone in an instant, the space where the radio should have hissed was silent, for theyd taken it out: superfluous in a flying machine not meant to skip the aviary. Above the gulf the gauges gave way as he knew they would and all official idea of fuel remaining was gone. He had simply to judge what was left on how weightless we felt, how unencumbered and released. Oh, and, of course, on scent, how much kerosene there was in among the scarce clouds. Some people are scared in the air above water, here he felt he cheated gravity most surely. Caught between the two amorphous elements. He was flesh inside an ephemeral exoskeleton: a floating human insect.

guerlain store london

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Counting minutes and miles and never moving from within sight of the hut where the men from the military kept their logs. Books and books acne of figures and sums, fuel coefficients and calculations on effectiveness. I longed to see the forests. Id read there were jungles on the peninsular and that native peoples still held sway down there. I figured a free spirit might fit. He chances a still winning smile, his face just hanging on to handsome despite sun damage, it is decayed but debonair, its beauty not yet quite destroyed by the wrecking ball of alcohol. The kind of look one could forgive someone whod fought a war. Every half hour he squeezes out a miniscule amount of ointment from an unmarked metallic tube and in tiny rotations rubs it into the sliver of a scar that runs from his wrist to his elbow along the soft inside of his left arm.

Short-fused twenties people with their insatiable, expensive appetites for adventure, risk and thrill would do as well as high-explosives. And though, goliath was no aerial gymnast, she was made to fly, far. Perhaps that was what gave him the idea, an idea that, years later sat in a tangiers bar serving as his sitting room and travel bureau prompted with enough cheap spirit, he would propound to anyone. I wanted to take her down to yucatan. Hed had enough of laadt New Mexico, arid, dry and dust. There are no flowers outside of Albuquerque, and all my time was spent outside of Albuquerque. His job was to push the plane for as long as she would go, sailing the currents from dawn to dusk to morning and night again. Making the motors whir in ever increasing numbers of circles, forever going nowhere.

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It seems almost inconceivable, sitting here in this age of aluminium and steel that we could ever have dreamt of taking to the air in those paper thin things. Of being held aloft by pairs of petal-like translucent wings, only part enclosed in their cloth bodies, slight and taught as skin pulled tight and glued across skeletons of softwood. Moths we called them, and in truth they were as insubstantial and transient as the beasts from which they took their names. But my how they soared, and turned, looped and dived, swerved and survived especially in his hands. Except that one plane, a french. She was wenkbrauwen built to hold a literal tonne of bombs, but came into being only. The Great War ended and the fashion for killing was coming to a finish. Luckily she could carry any cargo, incendiary or sentient.

Guerlain store london
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