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"Botox maker bought for 66 billion in biggest deal of 2014".

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A common treatment of neonatal jaundice is the bili light or billiblanket. Techniques edit Photodynamic therapy edit main article: Photodynamic therapy Photodynamic therapy is a form of phototherapy using nontoxic light-sensitive compounds that are exposed selectively to light, whereupon they become toxic to targeted malignant and other diseased cells One of the treatments is using blue light. This is not. Fda-approved treatment for acne vulgaris. 36 Light boxes edit The brightness and color temperature of light from a light box are quite similar to daylight. For other uses, see lightbox (disambiguation). The production of the hormone melatonin, a sleep regulator, is inhibited by light and permitted by darkness as registered by photosensitive ganglion cells in the retina. To some degree, the reverse is true for serotonin citation needed, which has been linked to mood disorders.

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23 Non-seasonal depression edit light therapy has also been suggested in the treatment of non-seasonal depression and other psychiatric mood disturbances, including major depressive disorder, 24 bipolar disorder and postpartum depression. 25 26 A meta-analysis by the cochrane collaboration concluded that "for patients suffering from non-seasonal depression, light therapy offers modest though promising antidepressive efficacy." 27 A 2008 systematic review concluded that "overall, bright light therapy is an excellent candidate for inclusion into the therapeutic inventory. 29 Circadian rhythm sleep disorders and jet lag edit main article: Circadian rhythm sleep disorder Chronic circadian rhythm sleep disorders (crsd) edit In the management of circadian rhythm disorders such as delayed sleep phase disorder (dspd the timing of light exposure is critical. Light exposure administered to the eyes before or after the nadir of the core body temperature rhythm can affect the phase response curve. 30 Use upon awakening may also be effective for non-24-hour sleepwake disorder. 31 Some users have reported success with lights that turn on shortly before awakening ( dawn simulation ). Evening use is recommended for people with advanced sleep phase disorder.

Some, but not all, totally blind people whose retinae are intact, may benefit from light therapy. Situational crsd edit light therapy has been tested for individuals with shift work sleep disorder, 32 and for jet lag. 33 Sleep disorder in Parkinson's disease edit light therapy has been trialed in treating sleep disorders experienced by patients with Parkinson's disease. 34 neonatal jaundice (Postnatal jaundice) edit further information: vlokken neonatal jaundice a newborn infant undergoing white-light phototherapy to treat neonatal jaundice. Light therapy is used to treat cases of neonatal jaundice 35 through the isomerization of the bilirubin and consequently transformation into compounds that the newborn can excrete via urine and stools.

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14 wound healing edit low level laser therapy has been studied as a potential treatment for chronic wounds. 15 reviews of the scientific literature do not support the widespread use of this technique due to inconsistent results and low research quality. 15 16 Higher power lasers have also been used to close acute wounds as an alternative to stitching. 15 Retinal conditions edit There is preliminary evidence that light therapy is an effective treatment for diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular oedema. 17 18 mood and sleep related edit seasonal affective disorder edit main article: seasonal affective disorder The effectiveness of light therapy for treating sad may be linked to the fact that light therapy makes up for lost sunlight exposure and resets the body's internal clock.

19 Studies show that light therapy helps reduce the debilitating and depressive behaviors of sad, such as excessive sleepiness and fatigue, with results lasting for at least 1 month. Light therapy is preferred over antidepressants in the treatment of sad because it is a relatively safe and easy therapy. 20 It is possible that response to light therapy for sad could be season dependent. 21 Morning therapy has provided the best results because light in the early morning aids in regulating the circadian rhythm. 20 A 2007 systematic review by the Swedish agency sbu found insufficient evidence that light therapy was able to alleviate symptoms of depression or seasonal affective disorder. 22 The report recommended that: "Approximately 100 participants are required to establish whether the therapy is moderately more effective than placebo". 22 Although treatment in light therapy rooms was well established in Sweden, no satisfactory, controlled studies had been published on the subject. 22 This led to the closure of a number of clinics offering light therapy in Sweden.

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Evidence for light therapy and lasers in acne vulgaris as of 2012 is not sufficient to recommend them. 7 There is moderate evidence for the efficacy of blue and blue-red light therapies in treating mild acne, but most studies are of low quality. 8 9 While light therapy appears to provide short term benefit, there is a lack of long term outcome data or data in those with severe acne. 10 Cancer edit According to the American Cancer Society, there is some evidence that ultraviolet light therapy may be effective in helping treat certain kinds of skin cancer, and ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy is established for this application. However, alternative uses of light for cancer treatment light box therapy and colored light therapy are not supported by evidence. 11 Photodynamic therapy (often with red light) is used to treat certain superficial non-melanoma skin cancers. 12 Other skin conditions edit Phototherapy can be effective in the treatment of eczema, atopic dermatitis, polymorphous light eruption, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma 13 and lichen planus. Narrowband uvb lamps, 311313 nanometer is the most common treatment.

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3 Psoriasis edit see also: goeckerman therapy for psoriasis, uvb phototherapy has been shown to be effective. 4 A feature of serum psoriasis is localized inflammation mediated by the immune system. 5 Ultraviolet radiation is known to suppress the immune system and reduce inflammatory responses. Light therapy for skin conditions like psoriasis usually use nb-uvb (311 nm wavelength) though it may use uv-a (315400 nm wavelength) or uv-b (280315 nm wavelength) light waves. Uv-a, combined with psoralen, a drug taken orally, is known as puva treatment. In uvb phototherapy the exposure time is very short, seconds to minutes depending on intensity of lamps and the person's skin pigment and sensitivity. The time is controlled with a timer that turns off the lamps after the treatment time ends. Vitiligo edit One percent of the population suffer from vitiligo, and narrowband uvb phototherapy is an effective treatment. "nb-uvb phototherapy results in satisfactory repigmentation in our vitiligo patients and should be offered as a treatment option." 6 Acne vulgaris edit high intensity blue light (425nm) used for the treatment of acne.

Medical citation needed contents Medical uses edit skin conditions edit The treatments involve exposing the skin to ultraviolet light. The exposures can be to small area of the skin or over the whole body surface, like in a tanning bed. The most common treatment is with narrowband uvb (nb-uvb) with a wavelength of 311313 nanometer. It was found that this is the safest treatment. 1 Full body phototherapy can be delivered at a doctor's office or at home using a large high power uvb booth. 2 Atopic dermatitis edit light therapy is considered one of the best monotherapy treatments for advies atopic dermatitis (ad when applied to patients who have not responded to traditional topical treatments. The therapy offers a wide range of options: uva1 for acute ad, nb-uvb for chronic ad, and balneophototherapy have proven their efficacy over the recent past. Patients tolerate the therapy safely but, as in any therapy, there are adverse effects and care should be taken in its application, particularly to children.

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Not to be confused with, low level laser therapy. "Light box" redirects here. For other uses, see. Light therapy —or phototherapy, classically referred to as heliotherapy —consists of exposure to daylight or to specific wavelengths of light using polychromatic polarised light, lasers, light-emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps, dichroic lamps or very bright, full-spectrum light. The light is administered for a prescribed amount of time and, in some cases, at a specific time of day. One common use of the term is associated with the treatment of skin disorders, chiefly chanel psoriasis, acne vulgaris, eczema and neonatal jaundice. Medical citation needed, light therapy which strikes the retina of the eyes is used to treat diabetic retinopathy and also circadian rhythm disorders such as delayed sleep phase disorder and can also be used to treat seasonal affective disorder, with some support for its use.

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