Women volunteers who tested the products found measurable improvements in wrinkle depth, so minimising the appearance of fine lines. The fact the product sells for.75 for 30ml is all the more attractive. In contrast, the much-hyped la prairie cellular range can cost as much as 229 for a 30ml pot. Boots beauty director, ian Filby, said: 'we have been overwhelmed with the response following bbc's Horizon, with women literally racing each other to get hold of the last product in stores. We are getting more stock out to our stores on an hourly basis to manage demand.'. A message on the company's website next to the product reads simply: 'sorry, out of stock.'.

boots no 7 wrinkle cream cream, right, as a 'skin-firming and complexion-brightening serum'. It contains peptides, which have been shown to increase supporting collagen in the skin, and white lupin extract, said to reduce the breakdown of collagen. Testing was carried out on volunteers, not in test tubes, and by measuring levels of fibrillin, one of the skin's proteins that is affected by sun damage. Professor Griffiths's team was actually able to see the serum begin to repair damage to the skin's structure.

Special offers and money-saving tips once a week: The horizon programme followed Lesley regan, 50, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at St Mary's Hospital, in London, who decided to subject the cosmetic industry - and her own makeup bag - to a little scientific. Her aim was to carve her way through the hype and pseudo-science of Britain's.2bn cosmetics industry to find out if any of the products really worked. Or whether the 185,528 the average British woman spends in her lifetime on beauty products was a waste of money. 'In common with many women I can be easily seduced by pretty packaging and a lovely smell. But I couldn't have told you if the creams actually did what they appeared to promise said Professor Regan, a mother to 14-year-old twin girls and stepmother of four. One visagie of her investigations looked at the effect of various creams which claimed to reverse the ageing effects of sun damage, such as fine wrinkles. Prof Regan travelled to manchester University where eminent dermatologist Professor Chris Griffiths and his team have carried out independent research into cosmetic anti-ageing products. Their study compared the effect of No7 Protect perfect on collagen production with the performance of retinoic-acid or Tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative available on prescription to treat acne and severe sun damage of the skin. The experts, based at the university's dermatology department, have been studying Tretinoin for years. They were convinced that no over-the-counter anti-ageing creams could match its effectiveness. However, they were surprised by the results achieved with the boots product.

boots no 7 wrinkle cream

No7, anti-Aging Serum Is Here

Sales of zonder a 17 boots anti-ageing cream have rocketed by 2,000 after an independent study showed it reduces wrinkles. Many stores have run out of No7 Protect perfect beauty serum after it was mentioned on bbc2's science programme horizon on tuesday. The day after the show women cleared the shelves at boots while the company's webstore has sold out. Such is demand that a number of boots stores have drawn up waiting lists for customers desperate for the cream. Independent tests by experts at the University of Manchester found the no 7 cream was just as effective at reducing sun damage, a major cause of ageing, products only available from doctors on prescription. Why boots Protect and Perfect Serum is now beaten by.49 cream from Aldi - the. Aldi lacura multi-Intensive anti-wrinkle serum.

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boots no 7 wrinkle cream

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boots no 7 wrinkle cream

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